About Us

by Recep Emre Erçetin

Diary for Devices is a website based on 2017. The website, whose first name was CGTSN, was rebuilt with the decision of Recep Emre Erçetin and Mert Yıldırım. Recep Emre Erçetin, who aims to create a platform where technology lovers can share their stories that they can support and share with the visual, video, audio and commentary of the events related to the technology passed by them, succeeded to realize this idea with the support of Mert Yıldırım.

In 2018, the number of people in the team was expanded, but the site was restructured in 2019 in line with the demands received from readers. As of June 2019, the second version of the website was published and Intel and Gskill signed the agreement.

The Diary For Devices team, which plans to make agreements with different brands in the near future, is always moving forward with its dynamic and slogans.

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